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Center for fundamental and applied research in the earth sciences in the Western Urals

The only representative of the academic science of mining in the Volga Federal District

Powerful scientific potential and a modern instrument base

10 research units, 14 doctors and 43 PhD

University-academic department and graduate

Main Research

The basis of the scientific concept of the Institute is a comprehensive study of the laws of the parameters of geosystems and optimal control of subsoil under the action of natural and anthropogenic factors. As part of the alleged conception Institute conducts research on NEXT fnudamentalnym areas: Development of scientific basis for the development of rational mining strategic georesources and underground spaces in the areas of large industrial agglomerations.   Creating methodological bases for monitoring geosystems and their study of the laws of space-time transformation in the development of mineral resources. As part of the practical implementation of scientific research on extra-budgetary funding contracts with Russian and foreign partners, the Institute carries out innovation.

The Institute's studies have led to major scientific and practical results :

develop methods for integrated assessment of space- time transformation of the rock massif geographically combined mineral deposits occurring at different depths, which allows you to calculate and determine the boundaries of anthropogenic impact on the geological environment when developing each type of combined minerals;

establish a system of evaluation of gravity and magnetic anomalies of geological environment «VECTOR», adapted to the conditions of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits , providing a more reliable binding sources of anomalies corresponding objects promising productive strata , both in depth and lateral ;

develop a three-tier system of automated seismological monitoring natural and technogenic seismicity in the Western Urals , allows seismic and acoustic monitoring of the stress- strain state of mines and in mines, control of seismic situation and vulnerability near the responsible civil and industrial objects , evaluation of seismic effects of blasting ;

create a system of state control areal seysmogeomehanicheskogo undermined by an array within industrial agglomerations based on geomechanical interpretation of the results of digital processing of land seismic observations.

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